What Songwriters Have To Say

The Songs of Love Foundation has given many songwriters a meaningful outlet for their talents. Each “song of love” that is written is a guaranteed hit that becomes part of the child’s life and family forever. Here is what some of them have to say about their experiences after dispensing their Medicine of Music™

I volunteer to give something back. After a lifetime of self promotion, it’s good to take the focus off of me. Songs of love is a great organization. It offers writers an opportunity to hone their craft, keep up to date (kids like NEW music), and find an audience – even if it’s an audience of one.

— Sincerely,
Dean Madonia

I’m always amazed at how things come together. So I’m grateful, to have continued writing songs for Songs Of Love Foundation, and I’m enjoying the process of putting out so much positive energy! My creativity as an artists is unlimited and it feels good to know I have an outlet that puts my creativity into use for a higher purpose, and its being directed the right way! All I can ask as an artist, is that you give other artists this opportunity to be heard in a way that is meaningful, and also families and children to receive art (rap music songs) in their lives that is also positive and uplifting. This is why Bayo creates Songs of Love..

— Thank you, and god bless your efforts!
Adeabayo A. Olorunto

I create for Songs of Love because it is the best use of my musical skills. Not only does it help children, their families and caregivers, but it allows me to further deepen my understanding of the song process and arranging process. It challenges me to continually innovate around the theme of the child. The profiles of these children open my eyes to different ways of thinking about the lyric process which I otherwise would not discover left to my own thoughts. I have expanded my concept of the song because of this, and it influences my other work. I am no longer an island, but find my art connected to humanity in the best possible way.

— Sincerely,
Thomas Jones

What is “art” ??? According to Merriam Webster, art is something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings. Under this definition, a “song” would definitely be considered art! What is a “song” ??? Also, according to Merriam Webster, a song is 1 : the act or art of singing. 2 : poetical composition. 3a : a short musical composition of words and music. b : a collection of such compositions. Notice the phrase “art of singing” – again, a song would definitely be considered art!! A song, especially a custom song, written for a particular child going through tough medical challenges is a beautiful piece of art. Art that uplifts them and helps soothe them. Art that is the Medicine of Music, weaved into a Song of Love. That is art. Art with Heart !!!!!

— Sincerely,
Stacy Delima

Songs of love helps children to feel special and loved by celebrating their unique life through music especially made for them. It allows them and their family to bond over a common joyful experience, and gives them a memory that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. It helps to bring community together by giving them the common goal of helping others and to spread joy in a time of difficulty.

— Sincerely,
Bruce Wangsanutr

I have been writing for SONGS OF LOVE FOUNDATION now for several months. Not only do I feel that I have perhaps made a child with severe medical issues happy, but my writing skills have increased immensely. It is a challenge to “stretch out” and write for a different age group than I normally do, and I am focusing on what I think the child might want to hear, rather than just what “I” as an artist think I need to say. As the saying goes, “It’s not about me”, which is a valuable lesson in songwriting, and in life. There is a special Art to writing for children, especially ones with delicate issues, and I hope to continue getting better at this vital art form as time progresses.

— All The Best,
Jack Bond

“Songs of Love” is the purest form of love found in today’s society. Have you ever received a gift, that is so very personal, from someone? Now think of that gift and multiply it by infinity & beyond. That’s how the recipients, aka the children, feel when they receive their Song of Love. Now it’s your chance to be someone’s superhero, their very own Buzz Lightyear of sorts. Donate your time or monies to this beautiful organization and begin to see the vast amount of love that can be spread through song.

— Sincerely,
Chris Bohinski

Music is one of the most uplifting activities there is. It is universal, timeless and can be used as a powerful tool, to awake, touch, and bring into alignment souls of all ages and backgrounds. Thanks to The Songs Of Love Foundation, artists like myself, can use their gift for the better good and help a young child or adolescent feel good about themselves, even if that sensation only lasts a few minutes, which is the duration of a song. We are here to support sick children/adolescents and their families, through this very difficult time, in their lives. Our voices are used to sooth, to sort of “ease the pain” and try to “make it better”. The Songs Of Love Foundation is the organization that makes it possible for a musician to be a part of a sick person’s life. It works with families of ill persons and matches potential artists to their needs. Their work deserves to be appreciated and rewarded.

— Sincerely,
Kikee Bah

Music is the universal language of the world. It can make you happy, sad, angry, excited, thoughtful, loving, interested or peaceful. Making a special song for a sick child is an act of love and empathy. It is quite a responsibility and needs that extra bit of effort to try and make it right.i It is not a trite or maudlin experience but an uplifting concerned experience. With the information supplied in the brief, of what matters to the child and family, it is sobering when this information also tells you something about the illness that affects that young person. It is not something that slips out from me – the artist – without thought and consideration. This enterprise has my support as it does good. I deem it a worthwhile enterprise and one that deserves and should find funding to continue its work.

— Sincerely,
John C Mc Allister

Allowing musical artists an outlet to express their creativity in a way that touches lives.

— Sincerely,
Tony Carrion

Consider this-maybe the word “Arts” is really an acronym. Maybe it’s shorthand for “Another Reason To Smile”. As a creator, I’m always looking for another reason to smile. For me, it’s turning a blank sheet of paper and a handful of chords into something magical-something that lives and breathes on its own-something that means the world to someone else. Each “Song Of Love” is a unique gift that’s crafted from the heart of a songwriter-using their lifetime of talents and musical abilities. Unlike any other type of art-these “Songs Of Love” are conceptualized, recorded, mixed and delivered specifically to an audience of one. One beautiful child. Then another, then another…all the while we keep writing and delivering this Medicine Of Music. However, this type of remedy requires no follow-ups, assumes no risks, and is guaranteed to improve the life of the recipient. Miraculous in itself. From the heart of a songwriter to the heart of a child-what a beautiful symphony of caring we compose! The financial support of donors is essential to continue the incredible work that has been done over the past 23 years. Your contributions are guaranteed to produce life enhancing results by enriching the lives of these children, their parents and friends-one song at a time. The Songs Of Love Foundation is the “Arts”. With your help, we can give these precious kids- “Another Reason To Smile”.

— In harmony,
Eddie Kilgallon

Writing, producing, and performing a song of love requires me to really focus on the subject matter and create a masterpiece, a #1 hit. I grow as a songwriter, producer, musician, singer, and human being with every new assignment.

— Sincerely,
Dave Kinnoin

Songs of Love was a transformative experience for my students and me. It allowed all of us to personally help a child in need. Under the Songs of Love leadership, I was able to develop a songwriting workshop, record tracks in the classroom, and have a finished product within the prescribed time period. We all knew we were helping a fellow young person struggling with health issues. My eighth grade students learned compassion, caring, empathy and music therapy. My art and music background was allowed to surge and create many “new artists” in my classroom who helped with the lyrics and graphic design. I was grateful as a musician and artist to have this amazing platform to express my deepest sympathies for the child and family I was serving. Songs of Love goes beyond human compassion and connection into the realm of original artistic expression.

— Sincerely,
John Moses

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child. It’s been a blessing that brings me great joy. It’s easy in today’s world to forget the reason why you do something. There are so many distractions throughout a day–we are bombarded with this newest trend or that latest political protest. But, whenever I sit down to write a song for one of the children through Songs of Love, all of that noise goes away, and the sole focus is making one person’s day better. After all, everything good starts with one positive thought, one action, and one person at a time. It is a great organization like Songs of Love who empowers and inspires musicians to give back in a way that wasn’t on our radar’s when we first got into music. And, it is one of the best feelings to get a note back from one of the employees saying that ‘so and so loved the song and is beaming from ear to ear. That’s why I do what I do with Songs of Love, and am proud to be a part of their mission.

— Sincerely,
Jim Gaven

I create songs of love because I truly believe music transcends all boundaries. It has the power to connect people together and medical proof to help people to heal and to remember. I wanted to follow my passion and desire to be a singer and songwriter to evoke emotion in others and being a songs of love songwriter, I am truly able to do. During my Bachelors, I wanted to work towards a degree in both music and psychology because I always had the desire to help people and Songs of Love is the perfect vehicle to do so.

— Sincerely,
Anna Volpe

I am Freddy Fisher from the band OneSixTwo I am a proud member/songwriter for the songs of love, and it was a beautiful musical Journey, making songs of love for the children, just knowing how happy our songs made them was a blessing, and for them to be able to use that song for a fundraiser to help that child in need it’s even more of a blessing to be able to do so, and for them to have their own custom-made song with all of their likes and friends and family incorporated into the song makes them feel happy inside knowing the artist thought of them and took so much effort to capture who they are in that song so they can play it whenever they’re feeling down it will be there to lift their spirits back up, I recommend this for any artist/musician out there who truly wants to make an impact on someone’s life this is the perfect place to take your creativity to the next level.

— Sincerely,
OneSixTwo & Tai Sui

My name is Mike Baluja. I am a songwriter from Tampa, Florida. Over the years, I have written approximately 30-40 songs…maybe more…for the children that Songs of Love represents.
I initially got involved with them, not only because I was a songwriter who wanted to help, but because I was a parent who lost a child, and I could empathize with their mission. 
At that time, I was just beginning to make formal recordings of my songs. I had been writing since my teens, but I did not begin to record and produce my material until I was in my 40’s. The opportunity I got from Songs of Love helped me incredibly: my writing and recording skills grew exponentially. I went into every project trying to do something special for the SOL kids. Occasionally, I would get a letter from the parents, or from the children themselves, expressing their appreciation for my work, and in all honesty, those letters made me feel as if I were receiving Grammy awards. The experience has been very rewarding…perhaps the most rewarding in my life. As I continued to write and record, I continued to improve. I would not have been the songwriter/producer I am today, had I not been a member of the SOL community. It is a wonderful team to be a part of. So, in concluding, I’d like to emphasize one point: although Songs of Love is indeed a service organization, it IS an arts organization as well. They nurture, promote, and provide a platform for artists like me to develop. I am not a performer, so I can’t go out and develop my skills in live settings. I am a songwriter. I write, record, and produce…and because Songs of Love allowed me in their circle of friends, I am the best that I can be at what I love to do.


— Sincerely,
   Miguel Baluja Jr.

For the past 25 years, SOL has allowed me to use my talents for the best of possible reasons: for the aid and comfort of the most vulnerable among us in a time of their greatest need.

— Carl Allocco, songwriter

Being a part of The Songs of Love Family is truly one of my greatest blessings.

— Thank you,
   Shelby Bentley

Last spring I saw an ad for Songs of Love in the Nashville Scene. Songs of Love wanted songwriters to write songs for these precious children. I went to the website to check it out and just knew right away I wanted to be involved. I don’t have children myself, but I have a niece and three nephews that I adore, who are all, thankfully, healthy kids. I called Kathryn Sherrell & sent my package in and have been writing for Songs of Love ever since. This has been truly a wonderful experience for me, a real blessing indeed. I am so happy to be a part of this organization and to be able to use my gift of music to bring a smile to a child who needs it. I hope that the songs I’ve written for the kids have encouraged them and brought some happiness into their lives. Congratulations, Songs of Love, for 10 years and may you have many more!

— Best wishes,
   Donna Frost

The very first assignment I wrote for Songs of Love was a lullaby for Austin. I still think about that little boy today; his story and my melody come back to me often, always out of the blue. I pray he’s thriving and am grateful for the gift that John Beltzer gives not just to the kids, but to the many singer/songwriters who are privileged to be a part of the organization. Thank you John and congratulations on ten years of success with Songs of Love.

— Vicky Harris

I have been writing for Songs of Love now for nearly 6 months. Producing demos and writing songs is what I do for a living, but of all the projects I handle, nothing is more rewarding and satisfying than putting a child’s life and loves to music. I’m grateful for the opportunities Songs of Love gives me to share my talents with so many special children.

— William Sherry, Jr.
   Aerugo Productions
   Nashville, TN

I am a songwriter who strongly believes that music can change the world. That is the reason why I volunteered to participate in SOL. What you bring to our world is priceless. That is the cost of a heart smile. To me the work is so fulfilling. Just to know that a song can provoke and smile and touch the heart of a child makes it all worth while. I just received a letter from one of the grandparents “via” Songs of Love saying “how much my song made her granddaughter happy and how she listened to the song all the time.” The letter evoked such happiness in me. That must be what it feels like to get a Grammy because that’s how the letter made me feel like I had won a Grammy. The work is not work it’s a joy. To sing a song for the children is medicine to my soul.

— Singer-Songwriter
   Nanette Maxine

I was introduced to Songs of Love 9 years ago, just before the 250-song celebration. John sat me down on the couch in his parents’ basement, which was his “office” at the time, and handed me a scrapbook bulging with Thank You letters from children, parents and healthcare workers. After reading a few letters I immediately burst into tears and offered to take home 2 Profile Sheets.

Getting involved with Songs of Love was a turning point in my musical life. There’s something magical about the whole process. It sparks people’s creativity in a really powerful, heartfelt way, and invariably the songwriters, employees and supporters of the organization turn out to be cool people. Some have become great friends, collaborators and professional colleagues. Thanks to John’s persuasive nature I also got over the terror of owning and operating a home recording studio… always a plus in this business!

Getting a Thank You letter from a child or parent is always such a thrill… but even when I don’t get one I still have that warm fuzzy feeling you get from making a meaningful contribution to someone else.

Whenever I describe Songs of Love to someone ? anyone ? they are struck with a sense of wonder and inspiration. I share John’s vision that the Medicine of Music should be prescribed to every child in need of healing.

— Love,
   Alex Forbes

Songs of Love . . . Thanks for keeping me on the ground floor of blessings as a songwriter giving gifts to these beautiful children. Hark, I can see Laronda Williams, one of my children right in the front on the Song poster. How lucky am I. All the best forevermore to SOL.

— Irving Louis Lattin

This is the longest I’ve ever stayed with anything, ten years ago I was in John’s basement recording my first Song of Love (I had no recording equipment) and thought that it would be a one time thing. Many collaborations with other writers, singers, a High School chorus, and I even did one where I got every kid (ages 2-13) in my extended family to record a song together. They came out feeling like they had done something of extreme importance and they did. Thank You, John, for your vision and leadership, Kathy, Sarah, Danny, Meny, and any body else who has worked in the office for your dedication and professionalism.

— Alwis De Moya

Dear Songs of Love, I have been a writer for SOL since 1997, almost from the beginning! Before we all relied on the internet, we relied on each other, to record and deliver songs, or to take part in fundraisers on a regular basis. Needless to say, I know John well and SOL has become a big part of my life. So the organization has grown and changed, and I have grown along with it. What began as a some-time contribution from me evolved into a regular one, as I have connected more deeply with my need to contribute to the world’s healing in any way I can. The kids still need support and hope, and I realize that the best I can do is continue to give of my talent and love. So congratulations SOL, I am proud to be considered part of the ‘family’, and here’s to many more years of bringing light into the world.

— Love and blessings,
   Steffani Bennett

It took someone with vision, like John, to see what these songs, Songs of Love, would mean to the children…I’m proud to be a part of that vision, The Songs of Love Foundation.

— Ernie Gold

I have been writing for songs of love now going on 10 months and it has been an absolute blessing knowing that I’m writing for a good cause. I’ve received back letters for some of the children I have written for letting me know that the songs I’ve written were an encouragement, and knowing this makes me put more thought and creativity into each song I write. I look forward to the next 10 years and 10,000 songs and hope to be a part of it.

— LaJuan Stoxstill-Diggs
   Hip Hop Songwriter

It has been a wonderful experience being a writer for Songs of Love and seeing the remarkable effect a three-minute song has on a young person’s spirit. It is like experiencing miracle after miracle. I hope that many other writers take advantage of this amazing way to use their talent to make the world a better place song by song.

— Kathy Hart

My family and I have been involved with Songs of Love for ten years, since May of 1996. What started out as an answer to an ad in the Village Voice asking for volunteer songwriters, has become a deep source of pleasure and creativity for me. Not only do I add music to my life, but I get to create songs with my family and friends for a wonderful purpose…to give some magic and love to a child. The whole world should know about this organization and support it.

— Thanks,
   Ralph Kotkov